About a week ago, Suzy and I took our first mini-trip to Bergamo, which is a small town located to the east of Milan. It took 3 different trains to get there because the ticket we purchased was not direct to Bergamo…ahhhhhh! But, after about two hours we finally reached our quaint destination, hidden in the valley.

When we got there, Suzy and I walked from the train station to our hostel, and dropped off our bags. We met two Australian girls that were staying in the same room as us, and later had dinner and breakfast with them the next day. After getting situated, Suzy and I explored the old town on the hill overlooking the rest of the valley. We visited the Piazza Vecchia, which was an old square that had a beautiful fountain in the center and old buildings outlining the perimeter. We also visited the Bergamo museum and read about the history of the town. Bergamo is much older than I ever imagined! Archeologists found ancient remains of shops and homes from 100 AD under the ground near Piazza Vecchia. Bergamo was once apart of the Venetian Empire, which stretched much farther west and north than just around Venice, and it was a major trading post.

After looking around, we decided to get food before we crashed at the hostel. We went into a tavern off of one of the touristy streets and both had delicious sandwiches! We made our way back to the room and slept a good 6 hours, then woke up around 2 am and skyped our parents haha!

The next day we had breakfast with our Australian roommates. The breakfast was served buffet style, which was nice because I could steal food for later hehe ;) We decided to explore more of the upper town, so we took a vernacular to the highest part of the town. At the top, there was an ancient castle, which we went through. The inner halls and stairs to the castle where so dark, damp and small that it was tricky to navigate our way. However, when we eventually reached the top, there was a spectacular view of the town and city below with the surrounding mountains all around! You could even see several snow capped mountains that were behind the black hills.

Altogehter, I think Bergamo was a wonderful little city nestled in the hills. I am glad I was able to visit this town and learn more about it’s history and people. I would definitely recommend going here to anyone visiting northern Italy.

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