Verona and Riva del Garda

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Trip to Verona and Lake Garda

The weekend after the Bergamo trip, we decided to visit Verona and Riva Del Garda. It took about two hours by train to get to Verona, which is located east of Milan near Lake Garda. Verona is a beautiful town, rich with romance and history. The streets of Verona are lined with old, ‘italian’ styled houses, and the walkways are made of pink limestone, which gives the town and even more romantic feel. There are at least two castles, both of which we saw when we visited that day. We also walked around and saw Verona’s small arena, Juliet’s balcony, and hiked up to a hill overlooking the city and it’s surroundings. Overall, Verona was very pretty and had very unique features and sites.

However, my favorite part of the trip was the second day…We got a bus to Riva Del Garda after seeing Verona, and checked into a hotel Saturday night. Because it was dark when we got into the town, we had no idea of the natural beauty surrounding the area. Therefore, we we woke up the next morning and peered outside the window, we saw enormous, jagged mountains all around us, with the morning’s mist lingering between the mountain’s crevasses. We ate breakfast as quickly as possible, so we could get an early start on the day. The first thing we did when we checked out of the hotel was to go visit a nearby waterfall. We paid 5 euro to get in, but it was definitely worth it. The waterfall was located within a cave, which was carved out by years of weathering from the water. We traveled inside the cave, and not long before we were rained down upon by the waterfall’s mist, soaking our jackets. There were several different passages in the cave to explore, all leading to the massive waterfall! I tried to get pictures, however, I was too afraid of my phone getting water in it, so I was unable to… :(

After the waterfall, we made our way down to the lake. Lake Garda, which Riva Del Garda is built apon, is the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. The water stretches so far that it looks like it may even be a bay to the ocean.. It is surrounded by huge white capped mountains with small Italian villages built along the water’s edge. It’s beauty is so indescribable that it’s hard to put into words. ..Riva del Garda and the lake don’t even look like something of this world, perhaps something you’d see in heaven. So, Suzy and I just sat near the water taking in all it’s natural beauty for about an hour, trying to take a mental picture because our camera’s couldn’t justify it’s true magnificence.

We walked around the lake for awhile before we had to catch a bus back to Milan…And that’s when the bathroom situation became a problem…Let’s just say, if you have to use a public bathroom, the worst place on Earth to be is in Italy. There are NO free public bathrooms at all.After venturing around for a good half hour, I came across a little building that looked like a mini spaceship, which had a bathroom sign on it, so I was relieved! However, it cost ,80 euro to get in and the timer starts from 10 minutes. The inside was absolutely disgusting. It was a hole that was elevated from the ground with crap and piss everywhere.,,,ughhhhhhh, and you had to press a button to get 2 sheets of wet toilet paper from a machine….it was mentally scarring. But that bathroom wasn’t as bad as the one at the station…this ‘bathroom’ was a literally a hole in the ground. It reeked of urine, and to be honest it was quite hard not to pee all over the place, so I understand why it smells so bad.However, the trip was overall pretty amazing, besides the bathrooms that is. Riva del Garda has definitely been my favorite place I’ve visited so far.

2 thoughts on “Verona and Riva del Garda

  1. Did you get any pictures at all? Put them on your blog, what is this a text only site? Also, my family and I just went to Verona and I loved the Roman actors in front of the arena:

    There was even a turk who tried to kill my daughter:

    But I fought him off.

    Lastly, the craziest thing about Juliette’s balcony and the statue is that all the tourists rub her right breast, what is up with that? I still haven’t found out why.

    Also, my wife is from Trento, which is an hour North of Verona, and we’ve visited Garda lake a few times, it’s grogrous. Loving the weekend trips you’re taking—truly exploring the awesomeness that is Italy.

    • Hahah I know!!!I stuck a piece of gum on the wall near Juliet’s Balcony, but I wasn’t gonna touch that boob haha. If you noticed, like all the gold paint was worn off from everyone touching that poor statue woman…and I’m trying to post pics from my iphone to skydrive!!! I’ll have them up soon! and i probably should clean up on my grammer/writing now that I know someone reading it haha…if you want to see some pics that are already up….here’s suzy website…

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