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My trip to Venice!

So after my intensive italian course final, Suzy and I caught a train to Venice for Friday and Saturday…. the beginning of Carnival! It took about two and a half hours to get there, which felt like days because we were so eager and exited. But when we arrived, we walked outside the train station and were immediately on the Grand Canal! We then boarded vaperato, number 1, which is quite slow, but it allowed for great sight seeing along the waterway. We stayed on the boat for several stops, but decided to get off at one of the ports along the canal because it was taking too long to get anywhere lol.

We made our way into the city, and we came along a small piazza, where there were several performers performing for a small crowd of people. One of them was an old man, dressed in Venetian Renaissance clothing who was singing beautiful opera.We stayed to listen for awhile, but then ventured away from the piazza, down one of the side streets, which was lined with small bakeries andl mask and costume shops! I stopped in on of them and bought a beautiful carnival mask, made of black metal wiring. For a couple of hours, we continued to explore many of the quaint streets just to take photos. But during¬† this time, I also went into a bookstore and bought Carnival’s 2014 poster of the year. It’s of puppet that is strung up from the stars and she is also holding two masked carnival character puppets.

When the sun was setting, Suzy and I finally reached Saint Mark’s Square! The basilica was beautiful, as were the other ancient buildings surrounding the square. The square had a magical essence to it. Per6aps because of Carnival’s festivity, but also I think it’s because Venice seems timeless. The city hasn’t really hasn’t changed much for many¬† centuries. The buildings and waterways are the exactly as they were in the15 th century, with really no modern additions because there’s no space to add anything. There are no roads for cars, just boats. Also, the people nowadays even celebrate holidays and festivals in which people from many generations back did as well.

After exploring the area around Saint Mark’s square and getting dinner, Suzy and I caught a vapereto to Lido di Venice, where our hotel was located. The hotel was very nice and the breakfast the next day was amazing! The croissants were to die for! Suzy and I both decided to stuff as much food in our bags as possible so we could eat later for free. We were about on our fourth croissant and our third baguette into our bag, when my purse got knocked over and everything came spilling out in front of everyone. I couldn’t stop laughing because the entire time we were trying to be as sneaky and discreet as possible. It truly was karma lol. But after collecting our food and ourselves lol, we checked out of the hotel and made our way down to Lidos beaches. The weather was overcast and partly rainy, so the beach was completely empty. Suzy and I walked around by ourselves and gathered lots of beautiful shells! After that we got a boat back to Saint Mark’s square and explored some more. We went into a famous art museum and looked at a lot of very old art. To be honest though, I’m not much of an art person. I know that’s bad, but I’d rather be outside exploring ;/ …But no much after that, we then got a train back to Milan… meep :,,,,,,,(

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